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Classroom Lecture

CPSD Academic Performance

The prime indication that CPSD has systemic issues is its generally low and declining academic performance since 2016 when the District was ranked at 46 percentile compared to all other Washington School districts, now down to 28 percentile in 2022.

Not all of this decline can be attributed to the effects of COVID as the decline began before COVID and there are several exceptions where schools bucked the trend and improved. CPSD’s rankings academically are against all Districts and schools in the State. When these rankings fall it signifies that CPSD is losing ground to other Districts.

There are four categories of schools with regards to academic performance:

  • Category #1: High performing schools that increased their academic ranking

  • Category #2: Relatively better performing schools that had a significant loss of academic ranking    

  • Category #3: Schools with precipitous drops in academic ranking

  • Category #4: Schools that chronically performed poorly academically

The CPSD Board has been resistant to address this academic decline since at least 2017 to the point of refusing to post school academic statistics on the District website for fear of discouraging employees.

Academic problems will not go away by themselves. The first step in a solution is to admit you have a problem.

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