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  • Formed as a 501C4 corporation in 2000 to deal with an unresponsive City Council

  • Re-energized in 2021 to deal with an unresponsive Clover Park School District Board

  • Non-partisan research and development organization for educational issues

  • A "launch pad" for non-partisan conservative candidates

  • An expert in the conduct of election compaigns


We are a community think tank.

  • Your neighbors

  • A unique collection of individual capabilities

  • Greater than just the sum of its parts

  • A"mega brain"


Military service:  111+ years

Overseas service:  30+ years

Volunteer service:  169+ years

Advanced education:  1 Associate, 8 Baccalaureate and 3 Masters

Teaching experience:  42+ years

Business experience:  132+ years

Fields of expertise:  audiology, speech, early childhood education, behavioral science, systems analysis, business administration and management, aeronautics, architecture, engineering, history, military operations planning and intelligence, real estate sales and investing, financial planning, construction contracting

Children attended/attending CPSD:  14+ years

Elected positions:  45+ years

Advisory board positions:  21+ years

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