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CPSD Board Elections

Board Policy 1110 states: “A person is legally qualified to become a board member who is a United States citizen and a qualified voter resident in the school district and appropriate director district.” There are 5 districts as shown on the accompanying map.

Policy 1110 also states: ” The candidate receiving a plurality of the votes cast for that school director in the general election is deemed elected.”

Thus a candidate must live in one of the 5 districts for which they are running. However the vote is NOT by individual district but rather a CPSD wide open election as though Board positions are at-large!

The current process has negative systemic implications for CPSD.

This current election process gives higher voting, typically wealthier districts a greater role in electing other districts’ candidates. As such it dilutes representation of lower poorer voting districts.

As a practical matter the majority of candidate time, effort, money, is of necessity expended in high voting districts often to the abandonment and detriment of other low voting districts.

As an example in the last election, Director Anderson and supporters door belled over 10000 homes primarily in Oakbrook, Nyanza and other high voting districts with very little time spent in Tillicum, in his district.

He had no choice if he wanted to win. You go where the votes are!

Had the election been conducted by individual district his campaign could have door belled every home in Tillicum 4 times over. That kind of campaign attention and care is the antidote to political apathy!

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