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CPSD Legislative Priorities

The 2023 Legislative session began on 9 January 2023 upon which 182 proposed bills were announced. The regular session closes on 23 April 2023. Between these dates are several other critical dates by which to submit testimony in support, opposition or neutral to the bill.

CPSD Policy 1225 details the responsibilities of the Board’s Legislative Representative. Unfortunately over the past month the Representative, Director Veliz has failed to present any of these bills to the Board. This is a failure of representation as these bills will have a significant impact on CPSD students and parents.

Here is a list of bills that CARES has researched. Of the 20 that are thought important here that are perhaps the most critical and greatest concern which the Board must address.

SB = Senate bill                                                                  HB=House bill

SB 5237, establishing complaint procedures to address noncompliance with certain state education laws.

SB 5441, Promoting the adoption of school district curricula that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

SB 5489/HB 1469, Protecting access to reproductive health care services and gender affirming treatment.

5599, youth and young adults seeking protected health care (reproductive/gender affirming treatment)

SB 5559/HB 1479, Concerning restraint or isolation of students in public schools and educational programs.

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