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We believe the education of our children should be centered on academic excellence and the core subjects such as math, science, and language arts. The school district's primary focus should be on providing a solid educational foundation, rather than delving into controversial subjects such as race, gender, sex, and ideology which are best left to families and other community resources to address.

Your voice matters, let us help make a change.


Clover Park School District Issues

  • Academic downward trend since 2016 even as graduation rates soar

  • Shift away from academics to social and political indoctrination

  • Board a rubber stamp for Superintendent

  • Board lack of transparency with public

  • Board excuses for academic failure

Click here for more information on the CPSD Goal and issues.

CARES CPSD Educational Goal​

"To provide an academically challenging educational experience for all students which prepares them for adult life, in the family, trades, business or college."

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