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Diverse Kindergarten

CPSD Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

The District’s Equity, (Diversity), Inclusion (EDI) Policy 1109 was revised in 2021 through a series of “stakeholders” meetings, out of public view, of which about 80% were District employees and supporting 3 rd parties.

Policy 1109 states: “As a community, we believe our commitment to equity is the path to eliminating racial disparities and disproportionality in the CPSD. We acknowledge that people of historically marginalized identities have been underserved and harmed by internal and external systems.” Yet here are a just a few contradictions in this paragraph.


  •  The “community” did not participate in this policy’s formation.

  •  Equity’s goal is equal outcomes not equality of opportunity.

  •  It is blatantly race/ethnicity group-centric as part of “diversity”

  •  Biased internal/external systems are assumed, not identified.

This ideology and policy go back at least to 2004 when then Superintendent Dr. Doris McEwen stated that the primary purpose of CPSD was to foster “social justice”. It is an attempt to change the culture of our schools at the expense of academic achievement.

These characteristics are antithetical to the founding values of our Country. Perhaps a more traditional approach is warranted as EUI:

  •  Equality of opportunity: “….with liberty and justice for all.”

  •  Unity: E pluribus unum “Out of many one” That is our strength.

  •  Individualism: we are each unique and not just a member of some homogenous group identity.

Despite lofty intentions, equity does not seem to appear in the District’s budget planning or in response to the needs of individual schools. It talks a good game but doesn’t translate into action where it counts.

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