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Reading with Magnifying Glass

CPSD Transparency

Transparency: “The quality of allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.”

Transparency of government is a critical for the governed’s ability to keep tabs on government and demand accountability. Yet CPSD has systemically avoided transparency at several levels.

The most recent “opaqueness” occurred when the Board balked at posting District academic performance statistics because it might discourage District employees. Instead they suggested parents search the internet for this data.

The School Annual Action Plans (SAAP) recently passed by the Board (3/2 vote) were virtually devoid of any statistical data. Instead the Board suggested that the data did exist but just wasn’t in the Plans.

There are long term committees internal to administration such as the Academic Improvement Committee (AIC) that operate out of public view and only recently have had to go public before the Board.

Monthly school reports to the Board only recently resumed after several years of absence.

Board regular and workshop agendas are publicized on Friday for the following Monday giving little time to analyze issues, contact Board members, or come up with a cogent responses.

Board meeting minutes typically only give a final vote on issues. They are devoid of any discussion or dissenting opinions.

Board meeting minutes are typically published a month or two after the meeting which makes them somewhat irrelevant to anyone who had not personally attended that meeting. “Timeliness is next to Godliness!”


“Stakeholder” groups (EDI for instance) consist primarily of District employees and supporting outside interests. Their meetings were conducted outside public view resulting in policies the public never saw.

This lack of transparency could lead one to believe that it is intentional.

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