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CPSD Middle School Academic Performance

Pupils during break

Below are the percentages of Clover Park School District’s 3 middle schools meeting the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) standards, attendance and academic ranking among all the State’s middle schools.


Thomas Middle School is a Category 2 school with significant drop while Hudtloff Middle school is a Category 3 school with an alarming precipitous drop (41%). Lockburn is a Category 4 school which has sunk even further academically to 2% which means 98% of the State’s middle schools are doing better academically.


How can this happen and no one on the CPSD Board or administration notices and takes action?

This problem if not addressed in middle schools will come back to haunt the academic performance of the District’s high schools. CARES analysis indicates that middle schools may be the key to raising the Districts academic performance overall.

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