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Minorities do best in the best schools!

Minorities Do Best in the Best Schools


Too often the Clover Park School District (CPSD) cites academic disparities between White and minority students as the basis for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). The implication is that without “woke” support minority students are just not able to compete with Whites academically. This myth is perpetuated along with statistics on free lunch, poverty, military-connected students, race, ethnicity, kindergarten unpreparedness, etc., as recounted in the November 2022 issue of Inside Schools.


I’ve just completed a mini-analysis of the disparity in academic performance between Blacks, Hispanics, 2+race/ethnicity, and White students. Depending on how you do the analysis you find out that the myth, as currently expressed, is that Blacks, Hispanics and 2+race/ethnicity are ”marginalized groups” who have great disparities in academic performance when compared to Whites. Surprising how the academic performance of Asian and on-base, military-connected students doesn’t support this assertion!


The so-called disparity just isn’t so when comparing schools that are succeeding within a District which on the whole is failing.


I did an analysis of Beachwood, Carter Lake, Meriwether and Rainier elementary schools’ scores in ELA, Math and Science (spotty data) and the CPSD as a whole for Black, Hispanic, 2+race/ethnicity and Whites. These schools are the top four elementary schools in the District that just happen all to be located on Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), compared to District schools located outside of JBLM.


The following figures are the percentage of students who meet Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) standards, which can be obtained from the OSPI Report Card website:


(The figures shown in RED are scores that fall below the CPSD average for White ELA, Math and Science.)



                                        ELA                         MATH                   SCIENCE


   Black                           63                            63

  Hispanic                      63                            64                         38

  2+race/ethnicity          82                            82

  White                           67                            65                         63


Carter Lake

  Black                           55                           31                          60

  Hispanic                     63                           50                          67

  2+race/ethnicity         53                           42

  White                          69                           54                          54                   



  Black                           46                             55

  Hispanic                     50                             50

  2+race/ethnicity         73                             67

  White                          60                             52                        68



  Black                          49                             32

  Hispanic                     51                             43                          67

  2+race/ethnicity        52                             55                   

  White                         59                             52                          58


CPSD average across all schools


  Black                         31                            16                              24

  Hispanic                   34                            20                             23

  2+race/ethnicity      41                             24                             27

  White                       47                            34                              42



Note that the OSPI Report Card scores for Black, Hispanic and 2+race/ethnicity groups in these four elementary schools in most cases far exceed those for the District’s White population scores and even more so for their racial/ethnic groups. There are only four instances (out of thirty) where their performance drops slightly below that of the general White population. Apparently, a rising tide does indeed lift all boats!


Want to raise the performance of minority students? Then raise the performance of the individual school! If equity has any purpose, it is at those schools that need it most, regardless of race/ethnicity or any other group identification.


Minorities, and everyone else for that matter, do best in the best schools.


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